Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer financing with terms from 6 months to 84 months. 

New!! Now We Offer Special Financing Through Our Partners At Synchrony Bank. 

Do you take credit cards? 

Yes! We accept these major credit cards: Mastercard, VISA and Discover

Do you take trade-ins? 

Yes! Depending on what kind of piano you have, we can give generous allowances toward purchase. 

Can you help me find a teacher? 

YesWe can recommend teachers for all age groups. Please call us 949-347-0460

Do you sell benches? 

We recommend: .jansenpianobenches.com 

Do you sell sheet music? 

We recommend: www.sheetmusicdirect.us 

Do you buy pianos? 

Yes! We buy pianos. Give us a call. (949) 493-2537 

We recommend that you gather the following information before you call: 

Type of Piano (ie. spinet, console, grand?) 

Brand of Piano

Finish of Piano (ie.Walnut, Mahogany, Black Hi-Gloss?)

Serial Number

Does the piano have a bench?

Location of piano? (ie. in storage? in your home?)

Should I buy from a private party or catalog store? 

As a rule, we don't recommend that you buy from a private party 

or catalog store for the following reasons:

uWho will stand behind the piano if something goes wrong?

uCatalog pianos don't have the benefit of preparation from experienced technicians. 

uPianos purchased from private parties are generally lacking in cleanliness, tuning and working mechanism. 

uAdded expense to the end buyer to perform all the necessary repairs, tuning and moving costs. 

Can you tell me how much my piano is worth? 

We get this question A LOT!! Often times we're told..."the piano is in great shape! 

How much is it worth?" 

or "I have an old piano. I bet it's worth a lot because it's an antique!"

The average lay person looks at the case of a piano and sees the furniture. 

A piano expert will look much deeper...inspect...investigate to check for the "unseen" 

before they can establish a value. Typically we set up appointments to appraise a 

piano so that we can give you a better idea as the value of the piano. 

Appraisals start about $150.00. 

Sometimes the piano isn't even worth that much (remember the "antique"). 

So, how do you judge? Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Has the Piano been regularly tuned and maintained in it's lifetime? Regular maintenance means the piano has been tuned, minimally, every two years. 

  • Has the Piano been in a safe UV protected environment? Not in direct sunlight? 

  • Has the Piano been exposed to high humidity, extreme temperature fluctuations? 

  • Is the Piano younger than 50 years? With the rare exception (maybe 1 out of 50 pianos) most older pianos fall into the "not worth very much" category. 

  • 5. Has the Piano had multiple owners?---been sold from neighbor to garage sale to thrift store to ..etc? On average used pianos range in value between $0.00 to about $500.00. 

See the Piano Service page for FAQ: I have an old piano. Can you just make it work? Is it worth it?

What are the educational benefits of piano? 

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