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40 years experience in Tuning, Repair, Rebuilding & General Piano TLC


What can I expect to pay for a piano tuning?

Piano Tuning Rates begin at $160.00

Repair Rates are based on an hourly rate of $160.00 and a written estimate is given before any work is performed.


What's included in the cost of the tuning?

Tuning includes bringing the 220 strings on your piano up to pitch.

Additional services like cleaning or repairing sticky keys incur

an additional cost. Call for more information (949) 347-0460


How often should a piano be tuned?

We recommend that your piano be tuned every six months.

You see, piano strings have memory. They want to stay, pitch-wise, where they have been the longest. Failure to tune your piano on a consistent basis causes Your piano to linger off pitch, even after a tuner visits. Regularity in a six-month tuning schedule will help to optimize the piano's performance and maintain it's value.


Do You offer appraisals on pianos?

Yes! We appraise pianos.

Appraisal fees begin at $175.00 and range up from there

depending on the value of your piano.

Please call us for a quote.


What about fixing my piano?

We offer additional services including action regulation, restringing and voicing.

Our Technicians have been trained in the old world tradition, have years of experience and take pride in their work

Call for a quote : 949-347-0460

I have an old piano. Can you just make it work? Is it worth it?

Yes! We can fix your piano.

Older pianos can require a LOT of TLC. This is predicated on

how the piano has been maintained (or not) Over the years.

If Your Piano has no more than sentimental value, it may be

more prudent to invest in a newer piano.

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